Our Story

After being my mother’s primary care giver and losing her to a painful 3 year battle with cancer, I learned that life can be gone in an instant. As I observed friends and family at her services, I couldn't help but to listen to some of the stories they would say about her and how they were impacted in one way or another by the short time she was alive. As I stood there listening, a series of questions started to run through my mind:

  • What am I doing with my one opportunity of life?
  • How many people will I inspire?
  • How many lives will I improve upon?
  • How much of a difference will I make in others?
  • What will people say about me when I am no longer here?

As these questions kept going through my mind over the next few weeks and months, I realized that God was calling me for something greater than me and that I had a unique purpose that only I could fulfill. I learned that there is no better use of our lives then investing it in the service of others and that life is too short to be chasing “things” and unfulfilling “accomplishments.” It is people that really matter! It is a life of significance that truly is a fulfilling life!

This is how FLYTE was born. I believe that people want to live a life of meaning and purpose but that many times, they limit themselves by allowing their circumstances to define them. Through our brand, we want to empower individuals across the world to strive for something bigger, to go after their dreams and make a difference with their lives. We want to encourage people to tap into their full potential, not just in their physical health and fitness, but in all other areas of their lives as well.

For us, taking FLYTE means rising above your circumstances and going beyond the limitations you create in your own mind. To embrace challenges and use the storms of life to rise higher than you ever imagined possible. It means that whether win or lose, you have given it all you've got and that because of it, you have become a greater person in the process. In our humble opinion, that is what Life is really about. It’s not about the acquisition of things, but about WHO you become and how you impact the lives of others. There is a great quote by Zig Ziglar that reads “You can have everything you want in life, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” We have engraved that in our souls and that is the foundation on which FLYTE is built. This is not about us, it’s about empowering YOU to strive and become who you were truly created to be!

You are Destined For Greatness!



  • This story is incredible. The beauty of this industry is that there is always an opportunity for growth. To challenge yourself to do things you didn’t know you were capable of. I wholeheartedly agree with FLYTE’s mission!

  • Finally, a supplement company that is based on and operates with a much bigger purpose. I too am learning that this life is not about me and it never has been. What we do for others is far more rewarding than the selfish acts for which we are applauded by society.
    When we do the right for the right reasons things tend to fall into place.


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