The word Believe is as important to your dreams as oxygen to the human body. Being successful in anything in life is all about having the proper belief system in who you are. The human mind is an extremely powerful machine and what you believe whether you like it or not, is shaping who you are, the people you attract into your life, and your current reality.

Here is an amazing story; Before April 1954 the common “Belief” was that a man was not physically capable of running a mile in less than 4 minutes. It had been tried again and again by numerous people who failed miserably. Then Roger Bannister came along and broke the 4 minute barrier. Since then, over 20,000 people have done it, including high school kids. What Changed? Because it had finally been done, there was a new “Belief” and 20,000 other people went into the race believing in their hearts that someone else had done it and that is what possible for them. That is the power of believing, it can change everything!

If you truly want to achieve Greatness, your Belief System has to be in alignment with your dreams. If it’s not, you are wasting your time. Why even bother to chase a dream that you don't believe in? It is crucial that you BELIEVE in what you dream for and take personal responsibility to make it happen. You need to believe in your abilities, in your skills, in your service, in your ideas, unquestionably. It is my opinion that belief is more important than reality because your reality is in direct proportion with what you believe.

The concept behind our new shirt design came from one of my favorite passages in scripture. I can totally testify that ever since I began applying the scriptures into my life and allowing the word of God to penetrate my mind, it has completely been transforming my belief system and in reality, my life. Mark 9:23 reads as follows: “If you can?” said Jesus, "Anything is possible for one who BELIEVES".

When I read that for the first time I realized the importance of Believing, it is truly the center of everything. Proverbs 4:23 reads “Be careful what you think, because your thoughts run your life.”  Your thoughts matter, your ideas matter, what you BELIEVE matters! We encourage you to believe in yourself, believe in your dreams, and believe in the one who created you! It will change everything!



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