Helping you create a lifestyle that bridges the gap between Faith and Fitness. 

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Focus on Faith

What is your focus? As fitness enthusiasts, we may have uttered the world "I'm focusing on x, y, and z" which is a funny statement because how can you focus on multiple things?

If you were a tree where would you prefer to be planted? 

Close to a stream of flowing water? 

Or in the middle of the desert? 


There is a certain alignment that you were created for and when you live outside of your intended alignment things won’t go well.
Identity. It’s a word you throw around too easily. Maybe you use it to define your occupation, your relationship status or your financial situation. 
Our Story

At Flyte, we are passionate about two things, faith and fitness. We believe that physical training is of some value, but that godliness has value for all things, holding primes for both the present life and the life to come.

Let's Make A Difference

Child abuse, neglect and abandonment is a worldwide issue. According to the UN over 150 million children are abandoned and living on the streets worldwide. Learn more on how your purchase matters.