Seek Significance, Not Success

Seek Significance, Not SuccessAll of us are driven by something or pursuing that one thing in life we believe will make us happy or give us meaning. Most of us chase Success which in most cases, is determined by the amount of material wealth we posses. Regardless, the pursuit of that “one thing’ that in our eyes will fill the void in our hearts is always present. I remember being very young and achieving a level of “Success” to the extent that some people can only dream of. The problem was that the more material wealth and success I attained, the more unsatisfied I became and the more my heart was eager to achieve. I believed that if I just made a little more money, purchased a bigger house, a more expensive car, or bought more name brand “Things” that I would finally be satisfied. Regardless of how much power, popularity, or possessions I attained, that satisfaction was non-existent. I realized very quickly that my identity was built on the wrong foundation and that “Success” is not the greatest call we have on our lives. In fact, compared to Significance, it fades very quickly.

The book of Proverbs says that the human heart will never be satisfied with riches. When someone asked John D. Rockefeller, who is considered the richest man in Modern History, how much money was enough? His response was simply "just a little bit more.” Now here is a man who is considered the 1st Billionaire in American History whose wealth accounted for more than 1.5% of the national economy, yet his heart was never satisfied. So many of us spend our lives chasing success, money, or material possessions which in reality only fulfill us for a short while until the urge to have better and bigger things strikes again. I believe that what we truly seek in our hearts is Significance but that we adapt to the world’s value system and are sold on the idea that Success is really what matters in life and that if we achieve success, it will increase our self worth. In my own life, I have experienced a higher amount of Joy by sharing a meal with a Homeless Man or helping a child in need, than I’ve ever felt owning “things.” Success and material possessions only make us happy for a short while, but true Joy comes from losing yourself in the service of others which is truly the only way to live a life that is meaningful and fulfilling. I believe that Success is only temporary while Significance will outlast you. I recently heard a quote that struck me extremely hard that read: “What we do for ourselves dies with us, what we do for others will last forever.”

When God put the vision of FLYTE in our hearts, we knew that we needed to stand for something greater. As a Brand, our goal is not to be biggest company with the biggest warehouse and the biggest sales, but to be the brand with the biggest heart for people. I believe that when we accomplish that, we will make a significant impact in our industry and in people’s lives which in our eyes, is something worth living for!

You are Destined For Greatness!



  • Analy Gonzalez

    Great blog! Worth reading till the end. Haven’t tried the products yet but will definitely order soon. Can’t wait until BURN comes out, will order it once available. Will come back and comment on the product once I’ve tried it. “God resists the proud, But gives grace to the humble.” Wishing nothing but the best for FLYTE!

  • Daniel Gherna

    I was recommended to use flyte supps. I was kinda hesitant at first but after talkin with ALEX and getting set up with the product and seeing how well it works I will never use anything else again! I don’t know what else you can ask from a supplement company. Thankyou Alex for all the help!

  • Jonathan

    This blog is spoken from truth, I have personally been a recipient of the generosity and love from this company, I am not a huge store by any means I’m probably one of the smaller ones out there and Flyte Sports has already helped me and my business more than i could ever ask of any vendor ever thank you you Alex and Flyte Sports for showing love and support for the little guy we will always support the cause with faith,love, and integrity..

  • matthew

    When a man can say, God is enough, it is then, he has truly found riches. Great blog!

  • Brent

    It’s a beautiful thing when Humility meets Selflessness & is backed by a huge Drive. Thank you for being a great leader- our industry needs more people like you!

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