Destined for Greatness

Greatness exists in all of us; Question is, have you tapped into it? We are all capable of so much more than what we limit ourselves to be. We are created to be bold, fearless, strong, and live a life full of meaning and purpose.  We are equipped with everything we need to make our dreams become a reality. Unfortunately, there is a price to pay in order to achieve GREATNESS, and many of us are not willing to make the necessary sacrifices required to live our lives to its fullest potential. We tend to limit ourselves by not taking 100% responsibility for our lives, we play the blame game, we make up excuses, or we simply complain about our circumstances instead of doing something about them.  

The good news is that we have the power to change as soon as we make a decision. That decision usually takes place when we reach a place in our lives where we say, enough is enough. In my life experience, that’s a great place to be. We have to be disgusted with our current circumstances before our circumstances can change. I believe that if we decide to stay in our current situation, it might not be painful enough to where we actually do something about it. Too many people want change without having to make any changes. That is a self defeating mentality that denies many of their true greatness. 

But…what is Greatness? In my humble point of view and contrary to popular opinion; money, position, and power are not the true measure of Greatness; Character is the foundation of all Greatness. Your greatness is not what you have or how much wealth you acquire. Your greatness is how much you impact others positively and what you give to those who can do nothing for you. I believe that if you are only living for yourself, you are not living big enough. The more you serve, the greater you become. But it all starts with a decision to be GREAT!

The fact that this life is temporary is something we already know. So many of us live our lives as if we had 1,000 years to accomplish our dreams. Unfortunately, the clock is ticking, and faster than we think. So here is a philosophy that I remind myself of constantly which I hope blesses you. It’s the realization that when we die, there will be 2 dates on our tombstone; the day we are born, and the day we die. In between those 2 dates, there will be a dash. The dash is a representation of our lives. The things we did, the people we inspired, and the lives we changed. We can't control the 2 dates, but we CAN control the dash. Now ask yourself, "What am I going to do with my dash?"



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  • Aaron

    Struggles in our lives have their purpose. They forge our character and help each of us to become the person we are intended to be.
    Dark times will come. Keep moving forward and there will be changes in the way we react to situations we would not have chosen to go through.
    As long as we breathe, our purpose has yet to be fulfilled.
    There was a time when I thought this world was here for me, and I see now that I am here in this world for those that need me.
    Thank you Flyte for creating quality clean products that help me to continue my works.

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