Help A Child Take Flyte

What if there was a solution to abused and abandoned children living on the streets, would you join the cause?

The Problem

The issue of child abuse, neglect and abandonment is a worldwide issue.  According to the UN over 150 million children are abandoned and living on the streets worldwide.  In Northern Baja’s area of Mexico alone, over 6,000 children live on the streets or under dangerous/abusive situations, and thousands more live in extreme poverty.

Be a part of the Solution

We are excited to announce our resent Partnership with Corazon De Vida, a non-profit organization that provides life-changing support for orphaned and abandoned children in Baja, Mexico by funding local orphanages, providing quality of life improvement services and investing in the children’s future by funding higher education. These orphanages give abandoned children security, nutrition, shelter and access to a reliable education. They also fund scholarships for teens aging out of the orphanage system to continue their education.

Why this specific Cause?

As a brand, we believe that every life is valuable and that every child deserves an opportunity to achieve GREATNESS. Children are the future of our planet and as a human race; it is our responsibility to leave this place better than how we found it for future generations. Unfortunately, many times we have no control over the circumstances in our lives and we are forced to play the game of life with the hand we are dealt. It is our goal to help these children make the best out of the hand they were dealt in life and put them in a position where they can actually  win.

We believe that Generosity is love in action, good for the soul, and one of the easiest ways to live a blessed life. As a Brand, we vowed that our driving force would not be Profits but People and that we would stand for something much greater than just supplements. We want to invite you to join us in changing lives by supporting our Vision and this amazing cause.

When you purchase one of our products, a percentage of your purchase will help provide an orphaned child proper nutrition, education, and an opportunity to thrive. Our Goal is to change the lives of children across the world one child at a time. Not only will we donate money but also our time and as a team interact with these kids, mentor them, and see them grow into healthy individuals.

You can either do it through purchasing one of our products, or you can donate directly to Corazon De Vida: Either way, we appreciate your contribution.

We believe that every child’s life is valued and holds the same potential, excitement and opportunity as any other life. It is up to us to work together to make sure our care transforms into each child’s hope for the future.

We are better together



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