6 Ways to Maintain Your New Year's Resolutions

6 Ways to Maintain Your New Year's Resolutions

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A recent study shows that 42.4% of people who make New Year's Resolutions never succeed and fail on their resolution each year. I want to be, and hope that you do too, a part of the 57.6% that does follow through with the goals set out for this year. So here are a few ways to create a change that is likely to stick:

1. Make a small change!

I remember one year I resolved to take better care of myself in regards to a beauty regime; I wanted to wash my face every night. Instead of overhauling my entire routine for the evening, just getting face wipes and putting them on my nightstand, where they were easily accessible as I went to bed at night, was really helpful.

If you chose to start exercising as your resolution, resolve to walk, jog, elliptical, bike, or lift weights three days a week for 30 minutes to begin with. Ease into it - don't go to the gym and do EVERYTHING on the first day. You will most likely be very sore, might decide you hate exercising, and then give it up altogether. You can add days, minutes, or intensity as you adapt

2. Focus on the little things

In the same vein as the first tip, focus on the little changes for every day rather than looking at a looming big goal. For example, if your goal is to lose 25 pounds, focus on the daily actions you need to take to reach that goal. Exercising doesn't need to take up your whole day - start with 20 to 30 minutes!

In the long run, all the little things you do will make a big difference, especially if you stick to it! If your resolution is around food, try swapping a vice one at a time, i.e. water for soda or fruit for dessert, instead of throwing out the entire pantry. Chip away a little at a time.

3. Plan ahead

Planning ahead is paramount to sticking to something new. Whether that be exercising or eating healthy, planning and scheduling for it will help you stick to it. For exercising, schedule it into your day! Set your alarm earlier and get to the gym before work to get it out of the way. Or schedule yourself to go there on the way hoe from work. Oh, make sure you bring your gym bag to work with you!

Plan and prep your meals ahead of time. Schedule some time on a Sunday and decide what meals you would like for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the week, buy the ingredients and make what you can ahead of time. A breakfast casserole or a crockpot of chili goes a long way during the week.

4. Give it some time

Give it at least a month. Studies show that it takes 21 to 30 days to form a habit, so stick to your resolution for at least 30 days to give it a chance to become a habit!

5. Write them down

Write your goal(s) down and put them somewhere you will see often; that might be the refrigerator or your bathroom mirror.

6. Tell a friend!

Telling someone what you are resolving to do will hold you accountable, and you might even get them in on the action. Having a buddy will help you stick to it!

- Charissa Sutliff


One day while helping a friend who was struggling in a dance class, an inspirational conversation led me to pursue becoming a fitness instructor, combining my love for physical fitness with my need to help others stay healthy. So I obtained a bachelor's degree in kinesiology to become a personal trainer, and have also been competing in bodybuilding for two years as an IFPA Bikini Pro. Coming from a dance background, competing brings my love of being on stage together with my love for fitness. Over the years I have developed a passion for wellness and I believe in giving positive messages that will impact the well-being of others in all areas of life. 



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