A Greater Need For LOVE!

Flyte Orphange TripWe were recently blessed with the opportunity to visit one of the several orphanages we are currently working with and I have to admit it was an amazing experience. We got the opportunity to experience firsthand not only the need for essential things such as shelter, food, clothes and education, but also a greater need for LOVE! The smiles on these children’s faces for simply having an opportunity to interact with people were extremely touching and their appreciation for the simplest things was very inspiring to see. I have to confess that I felt very convicted at times as I realized how blessed many of us are in comparison to these children. Yet they choose to rejoice regardless of their circumstances while we complain for the most insignificant things. It’s amazing how these children can teach us such valuable lessons!

Meet Kevin

There was a specific boy named Kevin who completely stole my heart. We had an instant connection the minute we saw each other. He reminded me a lot of when I was a little boy. His humility, energy, and smile were contagious. I look forward in seeing him again in a few months.

We invite you to join us in this cause by supporting Corazon De Vida. It is truly amazing to see what this organization is doing in the lives of these children. We are truly humbled to be a part of it. We will be arranging mission trips in the very near future and hope that you join us some time. I believe that all of us in our hearts seek Significance and what better way to obtain it then by losing yourself in the service of children such as these.

FLYTE Mission

Remember that any time you purchase any FLYTE branded product, a percentage of your purchase will help provide an orphaned child proper nutrition, education, and an opportunity to THRIVE!

Email us at info@flytesport.com or visit corazondevida.org for information on how you can get involved.

Together we can make a difference!


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