Finding The Right Balance Of Training

There is a certain alignment that you were created for and when you live outside of your intended alignment things won’t go well.

Take, for instance, our training - when you train too much you enter a state of overtraining. Overtraining leads to injury, while the right balance of training will provide incredibly positive results.

When you focus your identity too much on what you do, such as work, owning a business, or running a ministry as opposed to why you do what you do you’ll have an identity wrongly centered in what you do as opposed to who you are. This is an example of living outside of alignment with God’s intention for your life.

Last, let’s take the example of busyness, when we never give ourselves the time to rest and relax we will live in a state of “drunken busyness” that will never allow us to truly find the rest our soul needs. This is a direct representation of living unaligned with your body's intended purpose. When you find alignment in how you train, live, and rest you will find yourself living your life more efficiently.

When seeking alignment, you must ask yourself: What is God’s purpose for my life?

After reading this, take five minutes to pause and think. Write down as many answers to this question as you can. Then take another five minutes researching scripture that answers this question…

I hope that this leaves you renewed, refreshed, and prepared for what’s most important in your life - that is… alignment with God’s purpose for your life.


Ryan is a former competitive athlete and the owner of LRX Apparel. He is passionate about Jesus and encouraging others. You can follow him @ryanahusband.

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