Faith Is More Than Just A Piece Of Clothing

Faith Is More Than Just A Piece Of Clothing

That’s a reminder that keeps me grounded on a solid foundation in the midst of an industry more focused instead on the exterior than on the interior. It would be soooo much easier to navigate different areas of our lives if we treated Faith like a piece of clothing we could remove rather than the source of our every heartbeat and breath.

It would be sooo much easier to conform to the standards of social media and promote our bodies rather than the Creator of them. We would probably gain popularity, but we would lose our true purpose in the midst of a crowd that provides us with virtual affirmation every time we post something the deem as “worthy”.

I work at a Crossfit gym and spend my days studying Physical Therapy with fitness fanatics and working out next to people that don’t always know who Christ is. So what keeps me focused on things above? Here are the 3 reminders I hold in my heart & head as I go throughout my day:

1. Diligence demonstrates devotion.

When I set a goal for myself and work diligently to achieve it, it sparks the attention of those around me because the way I work for my goal is lined with my devotion for Jesus and his for me. Diligent efforts are rare in today’s society. It’s common for people to search for an easier way to achieve their goals rather than toughing out every high and low with Faith, Determination, and Confidence. It’s worth taking the hard route proudly because “the soul of the diligent is richly supplied.” Proverbs 13:4

2. Your attitude reflects your foundation.

How do you respond when you fail a lift? Or when a workout doesn’t go your way? Do you yell and make a scene? Or do you shake it off knowing that your worth is not something that will change because of meaningless numbers. When you choose to have an attitude of peace in the midst of a failure, you reflect that your foundation is built by something stronger than just your body and your achievements. AND when you remember that physical health is a gift in itself, it makes it a little harder to get upset when your workout isn’t “perfect” Have an attitude of peace and gratitude and stand firm on your foundation built in His love for you.

3. My Body is a gift from God.

How I treat my body and how I use my body is how I give God thanks for His creation. When I choose to eat poorly or deprive myself of necessary sleep and rest, I am telling God that my body is not worth caring for. Yes, it’s so amazing to watch what the body can do. But over the years I have learned that it’s also amazing to watch what God can do when we stop moving and refuel our minds and bodies. Train hard, Recover well, and take time to Thank God for this gift.

I encourage you all to walk into the gym or workplace this week with a different mindset. Wrap your heart and mind in your Faith and walk proudly in it. Demonstrate diligence daily, choose an attitude of peace, and thank God for the talents He has gifted you with.

- Sofi

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