What Does Fit For More Mean To Us?

Fit For More. What comes to mind when you read that? More fame, more money, more followers? Growth in those areas isn't bad, but life itself is about much more than those things. YOU have been called to more.
At Flyte, we’re passionate about a few things: faith, fitness, and helping you on this journey of health and wellness. More specifically, we want to help bridge the gap between each one of those areas in people’s lives (read more about how to integrate faith and fitness here). That’s where being Fit for More comes in. Yes, we create supplements that help you become your healthiest self and apparel that allows you to share your faith with the world. But there’s more. Yes, we want you to hit your PRs in the gym and reach your goal weight. But there’s more. Make this year the year you become the most fit you’ve ever been. But… there’s more.

What does being Fit for More mean to us? Allow us to break it down:

1. Fit For More means being a good steward of our body.
Our own health and wellness can be used to glorify God if we steward it well. If God has given you a passion for health and wellness, allow it to have a purpose that goes beyond your own selfish gain. God has blessed us with a physical body that can do amazing things. Our bodies can heal and mend themselves back together, intricate systems all throughout our body that allow us to see, hear, feel and touch. Although we won't receive our perfected bodies until we reach heaven, our earthly bodies are pretty amazing when you think about it. And if God has blessed you with a body that allows you to do all those things, why not take care of it? This temple will not last forever but for the time we do have it, steward it well. The parable about the talents tells the story of 3 servants who each received 10 pounds of silver from their master. The first servant invested it and produced ten times the original amount and was given a great reward. The second servant invested it and produced five times the original amount and was also given a great reward. But the third, dug it into the ground because he was afraid and did nothing with it. The master was furious, took away his silver and gave it to the servant who produced ten. What are YOU doing with the temple and passion for health and fitness that God has entrusted you with? Are you sowing into it like the first servant or doing nothing with it like the third servant? Steward your body, steward your passion and steward them well.

2. Fit For More means being fit to serve the Kingdom of God.
Whether you’re serving at your local homeless shelter or a small town in some faraway country, being physically fit will only help you in sowing into the Kingdom of God. Maybe you’re going through a dry season spiritually, that doesn't mean you sit on the sidelines and wait for everything to be all good again. Even while sowing into your spiritual health to get it back where it needs to be, you can still be used in very practical ways. Something as simple as helping load things in and out for an outreach at church, helping build or repair houses for people in need, or playing a game of basketball with inner-city kids who just need a role model in their life can all be used to build the Kingdom. But they also require some amount of physical fitness to be able to do them. Romans 10:15 says this: “And how are they to preach unless they are sent? As it is written, ‘How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!’" Maybe God has called you to be an IFBB Pro or personal trainer, someone who has more of a public platform than the average person. Let's be real, the status and fame are nice, but how much more impacting would it be to use that platform to shine His light. When people see the way you’re using the spotlight for His glory, the way you give your money to important causes, the way you genuinely engage with your followers, it will strike a chord with people. You can make a difference for eternity.

3. Fit For More means being fit to serve those around you.
You may think you got to where you are because of the work you put in. Hard work is undeniable, but the drive to put in the work came from somewhere. The old African proverb rings true to this day: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” We can only do so much alone. We will get discouraged, knocked down, bummed out, but having community around you to encourage you to keep going will only push you towards your purpose, the purpose God has for you. The funny thing is, God's purpose for you isn't about YOU at all. It's about using you to serve those around you. Give back to the people who have poured into your life. Train your best friend or even your co-workers. Prep healthy meals for your spouse who has to work 10-12 hours a day. Teach young kids at the gym what a proper supplement regimen looks like. Many fail to stick with their new year’s resolutions due to a lack of accountability and support. Will you be that person for them?

No matter how physically fit you are if you’re spiritually dead, Fit for More becomes just another tagline used to pump people up. Your health, your muscles, your physique – all of that will fade away one day. But your legacy and what you did with it is what people will remember. That’s what we’re after. We want to help as many people this year say with confidence, in their identity as a child of God, that they are Fit For More.













Flyte Team: Ben

What's up, guys! My name is Ben and I help out with social media and marketing for Flyte. I'm a proud Trojan (if you went to UCLA, I still love you), and even prouder Christian with a huge passion for Kingdom business. I'm at the gym 4-5 times a week, but nuggets and fries haven't left my life (hence the 1 pack). And when no one's watching, I like to rap. *mic drop*

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