Meet Andrea Ager!

Andrea Ager

Hi everyone, my name is Andrea!

I'm not just an athlete and fitness enthusiast that happens to be a Christian and goes to church on Sundays. I am a hard-working, Colossians 3:23 Christ follower that wants to help change the fitness world one step at a time, for the glory of God. I have desires on my heart as an athlete, to "in whatever you do, do it with all your heart, in working for the Lord and not mankind," and that part about me won't change anytime soon!

Coaching CrossFit classes and instructing "AgerBomb Seminars" all over the world has provided me with a way to 'be Jesus' to people. To love them right where they're at, give mutual respect, teach, and grow together and strengthen our faith. Whether it starts with someone having a little more confidence in themselves because they learned how to do something new… or they started leaning on their faith a little bit because they stumbled across it in the gym… each has a purpose. It's been amazing to work for an organization called, "Faith Rx'd" where it brings the gospel to the CrossFit gym. Partner workouts, a faith talk and small groups where people can discuss and get to know each other has really brought the community together. It's easy at the gym to get caught up in image, what we look like, our reputation, and what we can do. But…. to have the reminder that Jesus is capable of so much more, and saves us in our weakest moments, it takes the pressure off performance. We are able to bask in the love of God and have a relationship with him… and it's changed the way I look at everything in my life, but especially training. 

Working out and building relationships with people has taught me so much about personal growth and what I want to accomplish. I understand I'm on a mission, and have found people to link arms with on this mission, and some of my closest friends inspire me to be bold and stand strong. It puts it all in perspective, and keeps me centered while being on track to attack my goals.

A little bit about myself… I grew up playing sports. Playing volleyball, being on the swim team since middle school, running Track & Field in college. I  ran the 800m, the 400m Hurdles, 4x400m relay race and triple jumped for Colorado Mesa University. My coaches there sparked a burning passion for athletics, and installed a lifelong discipline for doing your absolute best, that I just can't shake. I started CrossFit in 2010, and my favorite thing about it was going to a place where everyone was accepted and loved, despite where they stood on the leader board of the gym. Whether you finished first in a workout, or last, it was a huge accomplishment just to show up and finish at all. Group classes were performed with D1 athletes, soccer moms, and teenagers, all doing the "workout of the day" with different variations and scales, but all being brought together on a journey to do their best. Teaching quality technique, giving high fives and building people up gives us a chance as trainers to be the best part of someone's day. 

If you've never done CrossFit, I suggest you give it a try. The 1% of the community competes… even makes it to the CrossFit Games like I have in 2011 and 2016. Some make it to Regionals, and compete against the best to try to make it on the podium to qualify for the ultimate stage in our sport. But 99% of the CrossFit community attends a gym to better themselves, lose some weight, and develop skills that help them inside the gym, and outside of the gym. The lessons of fellowship, perseverance and giving your best effort are displayed in the character of the people that are committed to a lifestyle of health.

Thank you guys for listening, I'm so proud to be a Flyte athlete and have a chance to partner with this community. I will wear this brand proud on my chest as I believe in what they stand for and who they are morally, and in the supplements they carry. It's all about showing greatness and pursuing excellence in both your health and faith, and learning how to merge them together.

- Andrea

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  • Aaron Sparks

    I appreciate your message. I’m a "weekend warrior " off road racer, work out enthusiast, and my full time job requires me to be mentally and physically fit. I am on board with incorporating my faith and Christianity into the daily routine; for one, I need strength far greater than I can provide on my own, but two, when you’re pushing, and doing things that others aren’t or can’t, it’s not to show that you’re better than they are, but to show that it IS possible. And when you give the glory to God, it shows that person that as individuals, we’re on the same playing field, but there’s one that is above all, just waiting for us to accept him and his love. That allows us to be under his guidance and protection, not to mention the greatest gift of all, eternity. I feel athleticism is a great way to portray our faith. It’s that "David and Goliath " and the “I can do all things through Christ” living example every time we step up. Thanks for doing what you do.

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