Health Is A Gift

“Bench press? I don’t want to bench press. Why are we bench pressing? 5 rounds? I don’t want to do 5 rounds. Why are we doing this, instead of that, why are we doing it this way instead of that way?"

I stop myself and choose gratitude because right now, my mom is at home with a body that is failing her. Her body isn’t functioning, she doesn’t feel well, she can’t move around.

Here I am complaining that I don’t want bench press so instead, I think to myself, just the fact that get I get to move my body in some way, take care of my health and body in some way, and my body is working and functioning well, I am grateful.

I don’t deserve health, I’m not entitled to health, to a body that functions. Every day that I wake up, take a breath, get to easily move from my bed, around the house, to make coffee, make food, go train, move about the world freely, is a gift from God.

I also have a tendency to focus on how my body looks, worrying about how much I am eating, training enough, maintaining muscle, conditioning, leanness, not being as ‘good’ with my nutrition as I “should” be… and in light of what my mom Is going through, my perspective shifts and I instead turn to gratitude for my body, for health. These worries are so trivial, so self-centered, so worldly.

Seeing my mom sick opens my eyes to the frailty of life, of our bodies. How quickly life can be gone, health can be gone.

Not only does this shift my perspective to gratitude and thankfulness for health, this experience refreshes my passion for instilling the value of health and wellness into others. One of the reasons I chose my major in Kinesiology was to help people in the physical dimension of health and wellness. I love and value health and taking care of myself. As a coach, my mission is to inspire others to take action and lead healthier lives themselves. I believe it is important to take care of ourselves, to invest in our health, and take care of our bodies.

As a coach, I am also in the business of prevention and being proactive. There are many illnesses and diseases that are preventable by lifestyle choices.

My mom has a slew of medications she has to take morning, afternoon, and evening. It reminds me that so many health issues can be prevented by taking care of ourselves.

While health can be gone in an instant by things out of our control, there are some things that are in our control.

Lifestyle choices.

My mom's current state of health is a result of years of poor lifestyle choices.

It breaks my heart, and it breaks my heart that so many others struggle with disease, poor health, obesity, illness, that could have been prevented.

We might not be able to control some things that happen to our health, but we can do our best to make healthy lifestyle choices to prevent us from medications and chronic diseases that are preventable through a healthy lifestyle.

As you read this, I ask you to consider where you are at.

Maybe today this blog will inspire an attitude of gratitude and thankfulness for the level of health we have, to see it as a gift.

Maybe today, this blog will inspire you to take action in making healthier choices today.

Today, I am choosing gratitude and my intention is to be grateful for every little movement I get to make with ease as I go about my day and give thanks to God for my body and my health.



Charissa is a Performance Coach, Certified Nutrition Coach, Certified Fitness Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer, and holds a B.S. in Kinesiology. She also holds an M.A. in Higher Education Administration. She is a follower of Jesus, passionate about faith, fitness, nutrition, a lifestyle of total health, meditating, learning and growing!

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  • Mary

    Thank you for sharing, and the reminder that Health is really a gift from God, it inspired me to be more aware and thankful for it!

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