How Flyte Began

Thanks for visiting, I’m Alex Pineda, visionary at FLYTE. After being my mother’s primary care giver and losing her to a painful 3 year battle with cancer, I witnessed first hand the fragility of our lives. As I witnessed her health deteriorate day by day, I realized that our bodies are a magnificent creation, yet extremely fragile. I also had the opportunity to experience God’s love, grace, and mercy on her life as she was transformed inwardly into a completely different person day after day.

A few months after her death (48), I felt into a deep depression with constant panic attacks and anxiety. I learned that no matter how clean you eat, how much you exercise, how much you rest, or how many supplements you take on a daily basis, your body will eventually fail you. I realized that in those difficult moments, we need someone much greater than ourselves to carry us through those trials that we will inevitably face in life. I understood that people will fail you, your bank account will fail you, your health will fail you, but that God never will. 

Thankfully, God pursued me through this dark and painful season. As I came to the end of myself, I was desperate for change and decided to submit my life to His lordship vowing that I would spend the rest of my life serving Him and others. Shortly after, the vision behind Flyte was laid on my heart calling us to be a light in our industry while reconciling others to Christ through Health & Fitness. It’s been five years and we are truly grateful and humbled by the opportunity to serve you.  Thank you for your constatn love, loyalty, and support over the years!

In Christ, 



Alex is a follower of Christ, a Husband, a Father to a beautiful baby girl, and the steward and visionary behind FLYTE. He is an avid reader, loves to learn, and is a health and fitness enthusiast. 



  • nakisha n guidry

    this product is Amazing.. my health is better than ever before.. i went from 103 to 121 .my stamina and want to do things are better than ever before!! i had no motivating nor drive to do much due to past experience..

  • Ismael Godoy

    I’ve been taking flyte supplements for about 2 months, burn and the clnz. First thing I notice is I had NO side affects and that I was noticing tremendous weight loss. For me it’s a big deal Since I suffer from panic attacks, depression, and Me taking pills or anything my body will trigger my anxiety or think that supplements are bad. But NOT flyte the product is so good and it helped me lose so much weight included with a diet and exercise. It took the bloating away the fat is melting off. So I decided to look into who made this product where it comes from since I bough it from a great guy that’s my fitness trainer. After looking up the website and contacting them and talking to Alex over the phone I can truly say this is the best supplement company ever. He took his time to explain to me since I suffer from anxiety Not once he sounded rush to hang up on me he spoke to me about God and I shared with him that my mother is fighting stage 4 lung cancer he spoke to me about God I loved it it’s like God put him on my path I really need it some one to talk to. He Explained everything to me that has to do with the product and told me what else to take that would help. Really honest and you can tell right away his not just trying too sell you something because he actually understood how my anxiety worked and double assure me on how safe Flyte products are explained the ingredients and even told me there was stuff in there to help my anxiety. I’m truly great full with Flyte and Alex and they have customer for ever. If they keep developing more product and it fits me I’ll always going to buy from them. Thank you so much It’s a real blessing.

  • Angel Perez

    I like your message they’re always strong special when you talk about God 🙏 thank you

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