Just GO

So we are now into the second month of 2019! Wow does time just seem to fly by? Does it seem like we were just saying we were going to start making changes towards our goals yesterday and not a month or two is gone? Here’s the deal. THAT IS OKAY. Life is this big beautiful adventure that throws us curve balls, but we have today to make a change.

This is the time NOT to give up on your health and wellness, but is a crucial time to refocus and go for it! Let your doubts and hesitations leave your mind and take your next step right now. That may be choosing to sign up for that first class at the gym you’ve been wanting to try, it might be choosing today to throw on your running shoes and start training for your half marathon you’ve signed up for, maybe it’s getting up and taking a 5-minute walk.

IF NOT NOW...WHEN? We have one beautiful life, and why not live it bold and full? We are all called and created to do some amazing things. All we need to do is take the initiative to take that one next step. It’s when we take that first step and the next that we start to build the inertia. We start to feel better, stronger, more mindful. So what is it that you are striving for? What is your next step? Take it and know the Flyte Fam is right by your side!

- Heather Myers

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