My Story, My Purpose

baylee my story my purposeOne day I received a call from the Athletic Director from my University. When I answered the phone, he notified me that I had been chosen to be the recipient of the “Kathy Collins Scholarship” for outstanding leadership in the classroom and in athletics. Kathy Collins was killed in a plane crash and her husband created a scholarship to help out female athletes in the Springfield, MO, area. When I met with Jeff, Kathy’s husband, he gave me a bag that was filled with a bible and a book. The book is called “What on Earth am I Here For?” I thought this was neat but didn’t think too much about it. One day I just decided to read the book. I mean I loved Jesus so what could it hurt? Little did I know that opening that book would change my life forever. Reading that book is where my journey to faith began. Ever since then, I have grown closer to Christ and have developed a personal relationship with him. I see with clarity and live my life for Christ. I now understand that my purpose on this earth is to glorify God.

Along with this, the Lord has given me talents. My purpose is to use these talents in order to glorify his name. I use my social media presence as well as the leadership roles in my every day life to glorify Him. I had been praying for ways in which I could glorify the Lord through these platforms. One day I received a message from Flyte. After investigating the company and getting on phone call with them, I knew that they were sent to me by God. He has provided me opportunity to glorify him with what I do and with my passions. I want people to look at me or my media know that I am a shepherd for the Lord. I also want people to know that everything that we do, receive, and have in life is all thanks to God. I am so excited to grow and glorify his name through my platforms and talents. I cannot wait to see where this journey takes me in my faith and growth with the Lord."

- Baylee


  • Luciano

    This is so amazing! Ever since I came across this company I became a fan, I just love they’re using this platform to glorify God ❤️😭🙌
    I have to read that book, I’m feeling a bit confused of what to do with my life and I’m struggling to listen to what God is telling me to do

  • Greg Kino

    Great story Baylee! Thank you for sharing it with us. It is encouraging to know others are out there using their faith and fitness to glorify God and to share with others His great love for them. Keep fighting the good fight of faith! 🙏💪👏

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