Start It Slow

It is the New Year. This is the time where a lot of us set goals for the future 365 days. We want to lose weight, fit into a certain size, want to lean out to certain body fat. There is absolutely nothing wrong with any of these goals, but it can go the wrong direction depending on how we approach them. When it comes to goals, you will see two extremes of approach. You first have your cold turkey diehards. They crash diet, join a gym and are working out 2 hours every day. What you get here are individuals who aren’t going to be able to sustain this regimen and within a month they are back to square one. The second individual is all about “starting tomorrow.” Tomorrow they will eat cleaner, tomorrow they will find a gym. Do either of these resonate with you?

Here’s the deal. We all have goals and things that we want to strive for. We all want to grow and change. Want to know the secret? PATIENCE. We need to build slowly into where we want to go. For example, want to eat cleaner? Don’t go for an all-out drastic change. Look at what you are eating daily and find an area to find an alternative (ex: milk instead of half and half in coffee). Make small changes at a time will bring a bigger result.

Also trying to hit the gym? Here is a total body workout that you can use to get started and as you go you can increase your intervals and rounds:

Use a timer app to do 30 seconds of work/15 seconds of rest for 3 rounds of the following exercises:
- Squats
- Push Ups
- High Knees
- Tricep Dips
- Lunges
- Burpees

To advance, you can start increasing your working intervals. Maybe even try 5 seconds at a time and eventually build up to 1-minute working intervals. We all need to start somewhere. So be proud of the moves you are making for yourself this year and take it 5 seconds at a time and always know your Flyte fam is here for you!

- Heather

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