Need some tips on how to get your motivation for the gym back? We've put together 5 tips to make sure you are not only ready physically, but with the right mindset as well.
Some people may see fitness and faith as competing interests, but not me. In fact, 1 Timothy 4 tells us that physical training is of value (though maybe not the most valuable thing). 1 Corinthians 6 tells us that our bodies are not our own, and that we honor God by the way we treat them.
We all lead busy lives so one thing many of us may be desiring for our lives is increased energy. Here are some tips to help you improve your energy for training, for work, and life.
When it comes to setting a goal, there has to be a compelling reason behind it at least for me, and if you have a compelling reason behind it, you are more likely to accomplish it!
When we set out to achieve a health and fitness goal, we get laser-focused on that goal. We make going to the gym a habit, eating healthy a habit, and getting into the Word a daily habit. But when it comes to the Holidays or any social event, we get freaked out.
I started working out at the gym a couple of months ago. CrossFit is my deal. It’s a combination of lifting weights, aerobic activities (running, rowing, etc.), jumping/climbing, and gymnastics-type moves. In the process, I’ve learned 7 truths about how encouragement works.
Losing weight doesn't have to involve suffering, restriction and misery! Losing weight doesn't even have to seem like dieting when you can have food that you enjoy, in balance with food that is healthy and nutrient dense.