Top 6 Ingredients That Support Colon Cleansing

Have you been feeling sluggish and bloated lately? Or have you been struggling to lose weight despite eating a healthy diet and exercising? Your gut could be to blame. It’s been said that the average person carries pounds of extra waste in their intestines. This built-up waste can inhibit nutrient absorption, weight loss, and detoxification. The good news is that certain ingredients can be consumed in order to flush excess waste from your body, which may result in improved gut health and regularity. Here are six natural ingredients that may support colon cleansing.

1. Cascara sagrada 

Cascara sagrada is a shrub native to western North America. Its bark is rich in compounds called anthraquinones which cause muscle contractions in the intestines. This action helps move waste through the bowels so it can be excreted. Cascara sagrada is an ingredient in many colon cleansing supplements, as it gently and safely helps the body remove excess waste.  

2. Senna pod 

Senna is a plant indigenous to China, India, and other regions of Asia that’s considered part of the bean family. It has been used for centuries in folk medicine as a laxative and internal cleanser. Like Cascara sagrada, senna is rich in anthraquinones, which promote colon contractions and, consequently, the excretion of waste and toxins. 

3. Fennel seed 

For being so tiny, fennel seeds sure pack a punch. These fiber-rich seeds may help relax your digestive muscles, soothe digestive upset, and move toxins through your system. These benefits make fennel seed an ideal ingredient for supporting gut health and colon cleansing. 

 4. Bentonite clay 

Bentonite clay is a fine powder that forms when volcanic ash ages. People have consumed bentonite clay, or put it on their skin, for thousands of years due to its health benefits. In terms of gut health, some studies show that bentonite clay boosts the good bacteria in the gut. This may help with nutrient absorption, digestion, and regularity. 

5. Aloe vera inner leaf 

Aloe vera is a succulent plant that grows abundantly in tropical climates and has been used medicinally for centuries. Aloe vera supports colon cleansing by increasing the water content in your intestines which may help you excrete waste more easily. It may also support the healthy bacteria in your gut, leading to a healthier intestinal flora.  

6. Rhubarb root 

 Rhubarb root is a plant that has been extensively used in Chinese medicine for curing stomach ailments and relieving constipation. Like other plants in this list, rhubarb root is a rich source of anthraquinone compounds which may promote intestinal contractions and movement. 

CLNZ: an all-in-one supplement

At FLYTE, we offer a supplement called CLNZ that combines all of these effective ingredients into easy-to-swallow capsules. Not only does CLNZ include all of the ingredients mentioned in this article, but it also contains five additional gut-supporting ingredients including barberry root, horsetail, psyllium seed, slippery elm bark, and dandelion extract. 

CLNZ is a cleansing supplement that may assist in improving your digestion and flushing built-up waste from your colon. When used in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular physical activity, the powerful ingredients in CLNZ have the potential to boost your health by promoting regularity, nutrient absorption, and detoxification.  

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