What is VITA and What Are Its Benefits?

VITA is our most popular product for a reason. It’s nutrient dense, convenient, and tasty! What exactly is VITA and what are its benefits? That’s what we’ll be covering in this article. Here’s what you need to know! 

What Is VITA?

VITA is a liquid multivitamin that may help make getting your optimal daily nutrition a breeze. Simply pour one ounce of VITA into the bottle cap or add an ounce to your favorite beverage to get a tasty dose of essential vitamins and minerals. 

What Are The Benefits Of VITA?

What makes VITA superior to other multivitamins on the market? Here are the top benefits that make this one-of-a-kind multivitamin a great choice for your entire family.  

1. It comes in a cold-pressed liquid form

One of the biggest pluses of VITA is that it comes in liquid form. For those who have trouble swallowing pills or simply don’t like doing so, liquid multivitamins are a dream. VITA goes down easily and eliminates the need for swallowing pills or mixing chalky powders into water.  

In terms of efficacy, liquid vitamins are more quickly and fully absorbed by the body than capsules or pills. This is because liquid vitamins don’t have hard outer shells (as pills do) that need to disintegrate for absorption. This makes VITA a particularly good choice for those who struggle with digestive issues. 

Additionally, VITA only uses cold-pressed liquids, which means heat is not used during the production process. When liquids are cold-pressed, they retain a higher level of nutrients than when heat is used in production, ensuring you’re getting the most out of your supplements.   

2. It helps fill in gaps in your nutrition 

In a perfect world, you could get all the nutrients you need from diet alone each and every day. The reality is, this is nearly impossible due to several factors, including genetic variations, dietary restrictions, modern farming practices, busy schedules, and personal preferences. VITA has your back by covering nutritional blind spots in your diet. 

The ingredient list is quite long, which is a good thing! It’s chock full of essential vitamins, including vitamins A, C, D, E, K, folate, and several B vitamins. VITA also contains a wide variety of minerals, trace minerals, amino acids, and enzymes. With VITA, you can buy one single product for your whole family and feel secure in knowing that everyone is getting essential nutrients they need to thrive.  

3. It contains an Organic Sea Vegetation Complex 

The minerals, trace minerals, amino acids, and enzymes in VITA come from our Organic Sea Vegetation Complex. The combination of sea veggies contained in this complex delivers six minerals, including copper, iodine, zinc, magnesium, as well as several trace minerals, amino acids, and enzymes. These minerals and enzymes are often overlooked, yet they are essential for a multitude of biochemical processes in the body. 

4. It contains a Whole Food Complex 

VITA also contains a nourishing Whole Food Complex, which contains honey, aloe vera, Siberian ginseng root, and ginkgo leaf. These ingredients offer a number of impressive health benefits, from boosting the immune system to supporting digestion to improving circulation.   

5. It tastes good

VITA has a delicious tropical fruit flavor that makes it easy and enjoyable to consume. From your first dose, it will become something you look forward to taking. VITA is suitable for adults and children over two years old, however, you should consult with your healthcare provider for children under 30 pounds.

The Bottom Line 

While eating a nutritious diet is the foundation of a healthy body and mind, many people don’t get all the vitamins and minerals they need from food alone. By taking VITA daily, you can rest assured you’re providing your body with the nutrients it needs to function at its best. If you’re ready to take your wellness to the next level, purchase a bottle of VITA today


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