Who am I becoming?

"Who am I becoming?" is one of most unaccustomed questions in today's culture. Our society is far more concerned with WHAT we accomplish then in WHO we are becoming. But which of the two do you value the most in your life? And does the way you live truly reflect that?

You see, we live in a culture that if we allow it, will completely disconnect us from our true purpose in life. Many of us are way more concerned with our reputation then in who we really are at the core. We buy into the ideology that we constantly need to be busy, hustle, work 24 hours a day nonstop, no time for family, no time for people, on the grind, no sleep, no excuses, no days off, whatever it takes,…ect ect ect…. and that if we do that, we will become a part of the “Elite” few who achieve success and material wealth and possessions while at the same time, increasing our self worth.

But is that really the reason why you were created? To stress yourself out chasing a bunch of “stuff" and “accomplishments” even at the expense of your values? Or were you created to become a person of CHARACTER and to invest your life in something much more meaningful and fulfilling such as people?

It is our belief that CHARACTER is truly the foundation of all Greatness and that we don't have a right to demand respect because of our “position” or  “status.” As a matter of fact, if we have to walk around all the time demanding respect we have already lost. The respect that we have should come out of the CHARACTER thats comes out of us. We should live in such a way that people naturally acknowledge our GREATNESS. There is a great difference. It is something that we earn by living a life of integrity, humility and not jeopardizing our values.

At the end, it is WHO we become in the process of achieving big goals that truly matters, everything else is secondary. We invite you to take a look in the mirror today and ask yourself this question: Who am I becoming?

It can change everything!

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