You Are Enough

Here today. This moment. This hour. This minute. YOU are enough. This is an especially difficult concept for us to grasp especially in today’s society. We are told through social media, peers, family that we are not strong, healthy, successful or beautiful enough. The list goes on. So, we search for more. More sessions in the gym. More clothes to look a certain way. More beauty treatments to alter our looks. More, more, more seems to be the name of the game.

But what if the desire for more wasn’t the problem. What if it was just what we were searching for more of? What if we searched for more love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. We truly have been given an innate desire to feel enough, and the beauty of this is we are throughout Lord Jesus Christ.

Just think about it. God, Himself, sent his son to this broken and hurting world to become the ultimate sacrifice and save us from our sins. He fulfilled the ultimate sacrifice. FOR YOU. We are saved, we are loved, we are valued.

Psalm 139 is a beautiful depiction of our Creators love for us. We were fearfully and wonderfully made by the all-knowing God. He knit us together in our mother's womb. Knitting is a craft that takes true skill, intricacy, and intention. With that metaphor, it shows that there is no mistake in our creation. We were called and created to be who we are.

It’s not bad to go to the gym, eat clean or to be stylish in our clothes but it’s our intention behind it. If it is our sole focus and not on our God that’s when it’s not right. When we search and lean into the Spirit, yes we may see a physical change in our bodies, but more importantly, we will have an internal soul transformation. We have been given all the tools and gifts right now, it’s us learning how to use them in order to grow and change.

So, know you are enough. You are. Repeat it to yourself. Again and again.

- Heather Myers

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