Supplement Spotlight: BURN

Your Go-To Weight Loss Support Supplement

Eat well, train hard — is that really all we can do to get lean and lose fat? With BURN from Flyte, you have more options. By making these convenient fat-burning capsules a part of your health and wellness regimen, you’ll support and enhance your body’s natural ability to lose weight. Just one capsule per day delivers our potent BURN complex right to where you need it.


This award-winning capsicum extract delivers powerful thermogenic effects to boost metabolism and utilize fat for energy — with zero peppery burn!

CaloriBurn GP™

A natural extract of the Grains of Paradise plant (a member of the Ginger family), this herbal ingredient increases metabolic rate and energy expenditure.


This adaptogenic blend of roots and leaves helps reduce stress while improving focus, energy, and sleep quality for a whole-body wellness boost.

For athletes and fitness lovers who want to enhance their progress to achieve a leaner, tighter physique, BURN may provide the boost you need. When you’re already hitting the gym and fine-tuning your diet, but the results just aren’t showing, it’s time to tweak your supplement routine. BURN is the best thermogenic supplement for igniting your fat-loss potential — it revs your metabolism while also providing sustained energy for longer workouts and heightened focus. Break through that plateau and experience BURN for yourself.

Why include BURN in your regimen?

  • Convenient fat-burning capsules
  • Contains three proprietary blends in one
  • Designed to increase metabolism
  • Promotes thermogenesis to burn fat
  • Reduces stress for an improved mood
  • Formulated with ashwagandha for mental focus
  • May enable you to exercise longer

Level-Up Your Weight Loss With BURN

We created BURN to be the best thermogenic supplement on the market. With active ingredients from three leading performance supplement labs packed into convenient fat-burning capsules, you’ll love just how easy it is to add this innovative supplement to your line-up.