Supplement Spotlight: Foundational System

Simplified Supplements For Everyday Health And Wellness

The Foundational System includes two of our most popular wellness supplements, LIFE liquid greens and VITA liquid vitamins and minerals. We created these two supplements not only to help you maintain optimal nutrition, but also to make doing so enjoyable! The Foundational System gives you a variety of key nutrients in a tasty, convenient concentrate — no bulky pills or handfuls of capsules. Each 32 oz bottle fits easily in your fridge and provides just over one month of daily servings.




LIFE liquid greens supplement helps you get important nutrients when life is a little too busy for salads and veggies.



Simply your supplement routine with VITA liquid vitamins and minerals, also packed with enzymes and amino acids

From the very beginning, the FLYTE team has been dedicated to supporting every facet of your health and wellness — from fitness and performance to recovery and nutrition. We believe that convenient nutrition is for everyone — athletes, families, professionals, students — busy or not. When creating the supplements for the Foundational System, we had one goal in mind: to help you feel better, so you can live better. We understand that eating well isn’t always practical, whether you’re traveling, having a busy week, or navigating a new stage in life. When your body has everything it needs to function well, you can do more of what you love with greater energy, focus, and clarity. By incorporating the Foundational System into your lifestyle, we hope that you can experience all of these benefits.

*VITA contains honey and is not suitable for children under two years of age.

Why Supplement With The Foundational System?

  • No pills, capsules, or powders — just convenient liquid concentrate
  • All the benefits of a multivitamin and more in tasty flavors
  • No prep needed or produce to stress about going bad
  • Made for every lifestyle*
  • Provides core nutrients to support overall wellness
  • VITA provides baseline nutrition plus amino acids and digestive-supporting enzymes
  • LIFE is packed with antioxidants thanks to its Superfood and Super Fruit Complexes

Start Strong With The Foundational System

When proper nutrition can be this effortless, health and wellness become that much more accessible. If you’re searching for a stress-free way to supplement your diet with whole-food based nutrition, order the Foundational System today. Want more? Check out our Essentials Systems for the same benefits, plus immune support from REDS super antioxidant powder.