Supplement Spotlight: LIFE

Go Green With LIFE Liquid Greens

LIFE super greens supplement from Flyte makes it easy to get those greens — a notoriously difficult task even for health-savvy individuals. Not only will you save prep time with LIFE liquid greens, you’ll also avoid the disappointment of discovering those limp, lackluster leaves you forgot about after your last grocery trip.

Superfood Blend

This powerful blend of important greens and roots from purple sweet potato and carrot deliver key nutrients in a convenient apple-berry flavored liquid.

Super Fruit Antioxidant Complex

Citrus bioflavonoids, acai berry extract, goji berry, and cocoa bean deliver a potent antioxidant boost to help protect cells from damage by free radicals.

Vitamin-Mineral Blend

LIFE contains additional vitamins and minerals to provide a well-rounded dose of nutrients in addition to what you’re already getting from a healthy diet.

LIFE liquid greens is the next-level option for obtaining the benefits of greens without eating them straight. If you thought smoothies were a convenient upgrade from salads, you’ll love the option to go blender-free with this handy super greens supplement. LIFE is also an affordable, convenient alternative to fresh greens and super fruits — keep it in the fridge with zero worries about it going bad! It’s great to enjoy whole-food options when you can, but LIFE is here to ensure nothing holds you back from getting the nutrients you need.

Super benefits of LIFE super greens supplement:

  • Concentrated formula is easy to take
  • Tasty apple-berry flavor
  • Convenient alternative to smoothies and salads
  • Delivers a daily antioxidant boost
  • Great for filling the “greens gap”
  • Includes key vitamins and minerals

Simplify Your Nutrition With LIFE Liquid Greens

Perfect nutrition is hard, which is why we made greens easy! Try LIFE liquid greens from Flyte to discover a convenient, quick option for greens on the go or whenever you need them.