Supplement Spotlight: RUSH

Unlock More Energy For Your Workouts

With RUSH pre-workout from Flyte, you’ll get focused, performance-centric energy — not caffeinated jitters. Other pre-workout powders neglect key components necessary for a successful workout, which is why we formulated RUSH to support endurance, hydration, oxygen utilization, and more. It’s not just energy, it’s a comprehensive workout booster.



Peak02® Performance Complex

Peak02® contains six adaptogenic mushrooms that help the body and mind power through tough workouts and enhance oxygen utilization.

Energy & Focus Complex

This carefully crafted complex includes amino acids, caffeine, and other ingredients that, together, support focus and energy while limiting stress.

Mineral & Hydration Complex

CocOganic® and Aquamin® combine to deliver coconut water and marine plant minerals for ultimate hydration and functional support during every workout.

RUSH can help give you the mental and physical tools you need to own your workout. Its performance-enhancing ingredients kick in to help you achieve the perfect workout, regardless of how much time you have to train. Need to make the most of a quick gym trip? RUSH can give you the focus you need to make every rep matter. Ready for a major lifting session? This top pre-workout supplement delivers the complete package of long-lasting energy, mental clarity, and cellular fuel to maintain high-level performance down to the final second.

RUSH pre-workout exercise supplement may also:

  • Reduce stress while maintaining energy
  • Decrease lactate responsible for feeling the “burn”
  • Enable longer workouts due to increased oxygen utilization
  • Improve athletic performance outside of the gym
  • Support weight loss due to extended workouts
  • Reduce mental lag when transitioning from rest to reps

Ramp Up Your Progress With RUSH!

If your current pre-workout powder leaves you feeling distracted, on edge, or anything but focused and driven, it’s time to switch. Try RUSH today to experience what a real workout feels like.*