Fat Burner

Build Confidence*

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60 Capsules

Flyte BURN is a thermogenic that may crank up energy, increase intensity, and take your metabolism through the ceiling. It has been developed with the sole purpose of being the most effective product in metabolism support and body fat reduction of its kind.*

  • Increase Metabolism *
  • Enhance Energy & Focus *
  • Eliminate Excess Fat *
  • BURN is one of the most exciting weight loss supplements available today, boasting an ultra-concentrated formula that can melt away body fat and deliver extreme energy and mental focus in a simple dose. Its supercharged formula may provide both fast and sustained activity to optimize fat burning, energy, focus, and a euphoric feeling throughout your day.

    One of the most exciting benefits of this product is that it contains key ingredients that may help diminish or eliminate some of the unwanted negative effects of dieting such as lack of energy, irritability, mood swings, and inability to focus. Its amazing proprietary blend is tailored to shed body fat through a thermogenic stand point and is packed with active ingredients that can support your alertness and energy, and may create more definition and hardness.

    BURN is recommended only for advanced individuals who are serious about weight loss and have a proper diet and workout regimen. It is potent in nature but may be highly effective in assisting you in taking your body to the next level!*