Incorporating Alkaline Foods Into Your Diet | FIT Tip

Lemon WaterMany of us have diets that consist of highly acidic foods, such as processed foods, meats, white grains, cheese, and coffee (yes, coffee). If there is too much acidity, our bodies will more likely be at-risk for various health problems.

This is where incorporating alkaline foods comes in. Alkaline foods, such as most fruits and vegetables, eggs, and quinoa, can help protect healthy cells and balance essential mineral levels.

So here are some quick and easy ways you can incorporate alkaline foods into your diet:

  • Start the morning with a glass of lemon water. Believe it or not, despite their citric acid content, lemons have an alkalizing effect when metabolized in your body. It's like a shower to your insides!

  • Add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to your water or BCAA drink. Raw apple cider vinegar is the only vinegar that has an alkalizing effect in your body. If you want, you can just take a shot by itself!

  • Drink green. You can juice spinach with some fruit, or make a green smoothie. If you're not a fan of veggies, you can try our tasty liquid greens supplement, LIFE.

Cheers to health!

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