Supplement Spotlight: Essentials System

Your Go-To Supplements For Immunity And Nutrition

The Essentials System includes the core FLYTE wellness supplements you and your family can rely on for everyday nutrition and immune system support. This power-packed trio includes LIFE, VITA, and REDS, three supplements we designed specifically for anyone seeking optimum wellness without the hassle. Each product blends seamlessly with water while adding a tasty burst of flavor!


Say no to wilted fridge spinach. This liquid greens supplement makes getting your daily greens easy and refreshing.


These liquid vitamins and minerals are your nutritional safety net when life gets busy. Just shake and take, or mix it up!


This super antioxidant powder is bursting with protective properties for your immune system and cell health.

At FLYTE, we want to make it easy for you to find the health and wellness supplements you need for your lifestyle. If you’re just getting started with supplements or are looking for a way to boost the effectiveness of your current regimen, the Essentials System may be your perfect fit. For busy professionals or travelers, it can be hard to get the nutrients you need through food alone. This system gives you extra assurance that between grab-and-go options and unintentionally missed meals, you’ll still get the fundamental nutrients you need for a healthy body.

The Essentials System also makes an excellent addition to a fitness-focused supplement routine. While we designed our pre- and post-workout supplements to help you perform well in the gym, our lifestyle-focused supplements are ideal for overall wellness and immunity. Whether you’re training, working, traveling, or just relaxing, the Essentials System was designed for you!

Why Supplement With The Essentials System?

  • Convenient mixable formulas (VITA and LIFE can be taken without additional liquid)
  • Simplified nutrition with no prep or ingredients you have to stress about using up
  • Great for fitness lovers and families alike*
  • May help prevent nutritional deficiencies
  • May assist with recovery after exercise
  • Unique key ingredients in each product for immunity, energy, and overall wellness

*VITA contains honey and is not suitable for children under two years of age.

Get Whole-Body Support With The Essentials System

With The Essentials System from FLYTE, you won’t need to waste time mixing and matching supplements from different brands — you’ll instantly create a solid starting point for your health and wellness journey. Our concentrated formulas save space, time, and effort. You can learn more about LIFE, VITA, and REDS before you buy, or browse our entire supplement collection.