I love movement. I love moving, I love practicing movement. I love learning about movement. I love helping others move. I love inspiring others to move.
Food has two main purposes for our bodies. To provide energy for life demands, and provide nutrients to keep us healthy and functioning well. 
This has been such a crazy yet growth-promoting time, at least in my perspective! I have been learning a lot about myself and growing in the process.
When you think of the word "idol," what comes to mind? A golden statue? Something you're supposed to bow down to? American idol?
During the beginning of quarantine, as many of us likely experienced, it was challenging and it was an adjustment. I experienced some sides of myself that aren’t my best
A strong foundation is essential for many things. A house needs a strong foundation to be solid, a car needs a good frame to safely get us where we are going
After being my mother’s primary care giver and losing her to a painful 3 year battle with cancer, I witnessed first hand the fragility of our lives.