My Dad is a contractor. I grew up with my dad and my brother doing lots of physical labor, building things, tearing things down, putting things together, creating things.
How do we honor God with our health, nutrition, and temple?God is the giver of all things, everything we have is a gift from Him.
The human body adapts amazingly well to different ways of eating. People across the globe eat in a variety of different ways and different foods.
I love movement. I love moving, I love practicing movement. I love learning about movement. I love helping others move. I love inspiring others to move.
Food has two main purposes for our bodies. To provide energy for life demands, and provide nutrients to keep us healthy and functioning well. 
This has been such a crazy yet growth-promoting time, at least in my perspective! I have been learning a lot about myself and growing in the process.
When you think of the word "idol," what comes to mind? A golden statue? Something you're supposed to bow down to? American idol?