I grew up going to church. As in every week, multiple times/week. Idolatry was something we talked about often, and my understanding of them was rooted in the Exodus story. And if I’m being honest, every time I heard it, I thought, “Whew…good thing I don’t struggle with idolatry!” Let’s read it together. Maybe you’ll see what I mean.

The good news is that certain ingredients can be consumed in order to flush excess waste from your body, resulting in improved gut health and regularity. Here are six natural ingredients that support colon cleansing.

Whether you’re trying to improve your health or fit into your favorite pair of jeans again, losing body fat can be a real challenge. Decreasing your body fat is not something that happens overnight—it’s a process.
I keep telling myself, "It's not that big of a deal. Don't worry about it." See, I've just been swindled out of some money. As in, thousands of dollars. And there's really nothing I can do about it. I tend to be a pretty good negotiator, but I've reached the end of those abilities with no meaningful conclusion. If I'm being honest, the only meaningful conclusion I'd like is to get my money back.
"Everything's pretty stressful right now," are the words I uttered to a friend just this last week. And it was true. We're in the middle of moving across the country, ushering in a new job, a new house, new friends, new church. New schools, new gym, and new rhythms. And it's all just...a lot.
Testosterone is a male hormone that’s essential for bone and muscle strength, reproductive health, and sex drive. Men who have low levels of testosterone can experience a number of distressing symptoms including a decreased sex drive, a drop in sperm count, erectile dysfunction, decreased muscle and bone strength, and low energy.