While we might have a weight loss goal, there are other, subjective ways to measure if our nutrition and supplements are working for us. Our body weight, the weight on the scale isn’t the end all be all.
Need some tips on how to get your motivation for the gym back? We've put together 5 tips to make sure you are not only ready physically, but with the right mindset as well.
Today I want to talk about the concept of a lifestyle of total wellness. This is a multifaceted philosophy of health and wellness consisting of more than just physical prowess.
My Dad is a contractor. I grew up with my dad and my brother doing lots of physical labor, building things, tearing things down, putting things together, creating things.
How do we honor God with our health, nutrition, and temple?God is the giver of all things, everything we have is a gift from Him.
The human body adapts amazingly well to different ways of eating. People across the globe eat in a variety of different ways and different foods. Whatever nutrition protocol or lifestyle you follow, most health-focused diets and health professionals would agree on some key fundamentals.